The CashToken™ – Face of a Record Breaker

History has been made. 331 consumers were gifted with CashTokens™ from different Merchants and individuals.

All 331 CashToken beneficiaries won various sums of money and Guaranteed Cash Contribution for General and Health Insurance (proudly supported by UICI LTD in partnership with KBL Insurance, Cornerstone Insurance and AIICO Multishield LTD).

As Promised by the Board & Management of CeLD Innovations , Its Financial Partner (Keystone Bank) and Strategic Financial Services Partner (Heritage Bank) ; We here by announce the World’s First Drawn Winner in the first ever CashToken™ draw held on Friday April 27, 2018.

The winner Osazuwa Amusa-Eke from Ikoyi, Lagos state was gifted the first winning CashToken™ by 1 Oak Hotel Ltd, Abuja; a fast rising name in the Hospitality and Relaxation sphere run by its amiable and innovative Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Femi Bello.

The CashToken™ is an electronic and celebratory gift commodity promoted by CeLD Innovations Ltd, the world’s first Cash Reward as a Service (CRAAS) company.

The CashToken™ was officially introduced to the Nigerian market on Thursday April 19, 2018.

The CashToken™ connects every Patronage or Reward in the nation’s economy to an opportunity for Life-Changing Cash Rewards (Win opportunity of up to One Hundred Million Naira (₦100 million) and Guaranteed Cash Contribution for General and Health Insurance) every Friday night at the National Cash Token Draws monitored by Alexander Forbes.

The CashToken™ unifies all reward systems in a nation’s economy and creates a cycle of prosperity that benefits individuals, businesses and governments.

Businesses, Individuals and Governments(Called CCPs) that gift CashToken™ share 10% of the beneficiary’s win.

Individuals or organizations who introduce businesses/ individuals who gift CashTokens are called Strategic Sales Partners (SSPs). They get a 3% commission on each CashToken™ sold to and share 5% of the beneficiary’s win on the winning CashTokens.

Both CCPs and SSPs also have access to interest free business loans from the CashToken™ SME Fund, funded by a percentage of each gifted CashToken™.
The first individual or business to gift the CashToken™ to another will be bonded to that person in the CashToken™ Bond4Life and will always earn 5% of their wins for life.
CashTokens can also be purchased to celebrate or appreciate friends and families. Corporate organisations can gift it as an incentive to their staff or as a celebratory gift to their clients. Businesses can reward loyal customers with it and government can gift it to citizens as an incentive for tax payments or to encourage compliance.

The CashToken™ weekly draws hold on Friday night at 8.30 pm during which the previous week’s winner will be presented with a cheque. Draws will be aired on the AIT Network.
So go on, get the conversation going. Share the #CashToken™ Good News with your friends and loved ones. For more information about how the CashToken™ works or how to purchase and gift it to your loved ones and customers, visit www.CashToken™ .ng, you can also download our Android Mobile App right here CashToken App .

We also have a Social Media ‘Experience & Appreciation sharing / interaction platform for beneficiaries of the CashToken Gifts and Rewards known as The CashToken Nation, please pay a visit and we promise you that you’ll be hooked.

You can buy a CashToken via any of the following means:



4. Paydirect at any of the following banks:
a. Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
b. Fidelity Bank
c. Keystone Bank

All the customer needs to do is walk into any of the above banks and ask to make a PayDirect payment then:
* Write “CashTokenPaydirect” in the Account Name space.
* Write his or her Business Name in the Depositor’s Name space (personal name will also work)
* Write his Phone Number in the Telephone Number space (this is very important as this is the only UNIQUE ID which he has.
* The Phone Number must also be the number from which CashTokens will be gifted to customers and/or transferred to other sub-merchants so it is important that any buyer knows this fact.

5. *7111# for the purchase of CashTokens (applicable to Keystone Bank Customers only) and for the transfer& gifting of CashTokens (applicable to all Bank Customers).
Next time you patronize a good and or service provider, be sure to ask for your CashToken™.

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